The Controversy Surrounding Mindy Gibson: Uncovering Unethical Conduct in Satellite Beach

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"Having them speak for 3 minutes at a council meeting gives good FaceTime for them but does not accomplish much," - Mindy Gibson, September 6, 2018, via email referencing residents who attend a city council meeting to speak at the podium regarding water contamination concerns.

In a Satellite Beach council meeting in November 2022, Councilwoman Mindy Gibson falsely accused Satellite Beach resident Jeff Dubitsky and environmental advocate Stel Bailey's nonprofit organization of wrongdoing. However, Gibson's statement contradicts her previous commendation and applause for their successful work on PFAS contamination in a Brevard County Delegation meeting, which calls into question the validity of her accusation.

Gibson was involved in the 2018 closed-door meeting, where a publicly posted meeting still occurred. The meeting addressed concerns regarding contaminated water and potential cancer clusters. Police officers guarded the doorways and only allowed selected residents to attend. Video footage captured this incident, but the council members in charge were not held responsible for their actions. Gibson is the only council member remaining on the city council named in a lawsuit filed for violating sunshine law in 2018. 

The city council members did not discuss whether they should pursue Bailey and the residents for their attorney fees. Judge Paulk dismissed the lawsuit but did not explain why. The company appealed the decision, and the appellate court upheld it while denying the city's motion for attorney fees, stating that the lawsuit was not frivolous. The city attorney announced they would continue pursuing Bailey for the costs by returning to Judge Paulk in the lower court. The decision to pursue legal fees from the residents whose civil rights were violated was made without a vote, and the city still uses taxpayers' money to prolong the legal process.

The appellate court denied fees by Judge Lambert on March 8, 2022.

City of Satellite Beach Sunshine lawsuit

Over the years, Bailey has consistently tried to establish connections with the city to find solutions for PFAS contamination, engage the South Patrick Shores community, and address health concerns in the area. We have found no evidence of any members of this organization engaging in unprofessional behavior with City of Satellite Beach government officials. Some council members have tried to create the false impression that the organization is linked to outside activists not part of the board or volunteer team. Politicians frequently use this strategy to tarnish someone's reputation through association.

Council member Mindy Gibson was recorded speaking with several individuals who were denied access to a public meeting scheduled for September 2018 outside of the Satellite Beach city hall. Despite being posted as a public meeting, it was canceled at the last minute but still proceeded. Police officers guarded the entrance doors. Gibson refused to answer questions about why only a select group of people were denied access to the meeting while others were permitted inside. 

Mark Brimer, Mindy Gibson, Frank Catino
September 17, 2018: Elected officials Mark Brimer, Mindy Gibson, and Frank Catino together behind closed doors.

Councilwoman Gibson is found discussing the case via Facebook messenger through public records suggesting that fees were well over $100,000 in February of 2022.

In previously disclosed public records, officials were observed discussing that PFAS was not a concern and contemplating ways to circumvent legal requirements for transparency. These same records also exhibited numerous email threads among city associates, urging their friend's presence at city council meetings to dispute claims made by cancer survivors and their families worried about the water.

As citizens of the United States, we have the right to hold government officials responsible for their actions. Penalizing families who seek justice will only weaken the trust within our community and discourage people from participating in civic activities.


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