A Cancer Advocate's Battle for Transparency: Unveiling Unethical Actions by Satellite Beach Government

City of Satellite Beach 4th of July

A Cancer Advocate's Battle for Transparency

SATELLITE BEACH, FL., February 2019 - "I'm here tonight to express my concern over the issue of unethical behavior, intentional wrongdoing, and abuse of power. Public records reveal that some appeared to have enriched themselves by exploiting their personal opinion through public forums, such as using city resources to send misrepresented information about myself and my organization using city resources to send a disturbing 11-page document that was later sent to my colleague's home, a resident. The use of city resources to monitor citizens' social media activity to include 52 screenshots in one day

Other public records document the satellite beach police department driving by a nonresident's home and the chief instructing police officers to not file an incident report or accept statements from us regarding the sunshine law violations. Other public records document an effort to orchestrate public comment opposing our concerns about contamination and safe drinking water. It's actions like this that undermine public trust in government.

I began my work in 2014, and in the past nine months, I spent over 20,500 hours, drove over 3100 miles, and spent my life savings to support this community here in Satellite Beach because I believe in this so much. I made several attempts to work with the city starting on June 29, 2018, then again on July 9th, July 27th, August 9th, and September 22nd. Additionally, I gave the city an opportunity to be a guest speaker at a July 20th meeting that we canceled in an effort to work with the city so that they could reveal their results. Then again, I attempted to meet in September with Bob Bowcock, Erin Brockovich's water expert. 

With military bases being investigated across the country, it's naive to assume that PFOA and PFOS are not an issue of concern, along with other toxic contaminants of health concerns. This is why I stand before you again today, advocating for many voices seemingly unheard inside your community.

I request that this unethical behavior cease immediately. Let's bring transparency and accountability back into Satellite Beach." 


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